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View Poll Results: Does your SO open the car door for you?

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  • Yes - before I get in

    30 22.56%
  • Yes - to let me out

    6 4.51%
  • Somestimes - before I get in

    55 41.35%
  • Sometimes - to let me out

    34 25.56%
  • Never

    33 24.81%
  • Other

    12 9.02%
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Thread: Does your SO...

  1. BingBangBoom that's how babies are made
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    BingBangBoom that's how babies are made
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    Does your SO...

    Wait for poll!

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    when she's feeling romantic, or if we're on a date. i'm definitely the girly one in our relationship
  3. I stand on golden sands and watch as the ships go by
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    I stand on golden sands and watch as the ships go by
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    he does it every once in awhile, I guess whenever the mood strikes him
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  4. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
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    He insists on doing it to let me in the car most times. Like he'll try to beat me to the door and get all huffy if I do it myself.

    Getting out of the car is ok though, but if I mess around with getting stuff together or checking myself in the mirror he'll come around and let me out too.
  5. 021409<3
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    Chris opens the door for me to get in like, 99% of the time. He always does it when it's raining.

    He doesn't open it for me to get out but that's because I don't give him the chance, I'm usually out of the car before he is
  6. Senior Member
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    Only if the car is unlocked though His car doesn't have the key thingy on the passenger door, only the drivers side
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  7. In vino veritas
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    In vino veritas
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    sometimes before I get in. MF is slower than me (yes, I am SUCH a fast NYer), so I tend to get to the car before him. And I am too impatient for that shit. But at a nice date or something, yes, he gets the door for me.
  8. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Me: Nor Cal... Him: the dusty side of the world </3
    I'm the first one to answer never!

    He will open regular doors for me, but he feels I'm perfectly capable of getting in an out of a car on my own. Maybe if we EVER end up going on a fancy date he will open the door for me. Otherwise, unless my lap and hands are literally full of stuff, that door isn't going to magically open for me.

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  9. FiFi89
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    I said other, he ALWAYS did it when we first started dating, then he realised I wasn't going anywhere so he has slacked off. Still does it occasionally.

    we were just talking about this, told him he won me over with opening all the doors, very gentlemen like. he fooled me! still love him! And he still opens regular doors for me!

    Fifi & Gavin
  10. Senior Member
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    Sometimes, more often he opens the doors to buildings, the house etc.
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