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Thread: What gets to you?

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    What gets to you?

    I was just wondering what reminds you of your DB/DH and gets to you?
    Earlier today, on my out to the parking lot I walked by the band room, and for some odd reason they were playing "Anchors Aweigh", and I lost it. Right there in the middle of the hallway.
    DB used to sing "Just to see you Smile" to me all the time(even though he can't sing worth a lick ), so that kills me too.
    Hanging out with friends in a tree field on a Saturday night reminds me of him, also. It helps to go raise hell with them every now and then, but it hurts sometimes because whenever DB was home we would always sit in his truck in my families tree field and watch the stars all night.
    HE'S HOMEE!!

    "And remember, I still love you more than all the stars in the sky."
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    I dont get sad about anything, but whenever my hair is in a pony tail, and it sweeps against my neck...always makes me think of my manfriend holding my neck.
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    I always miss him when the song Pumped Up Kicks comes on. Or looking at his texts he sent me on the bus on his way to reception. I don't cry, but it feels a little like being homesick.

    “It always seems impossible until it's done.”
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    eh. everything and nothing. i'm an emotionless freak that occasionally has ridiculous girl moments. one minute i'm rolling my eyes at the most precious thing in the world and the next i'm crying over a fuzz on the floor.
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    Christmas is getting to me. We just have a lot of traditions we do during the holiday season (picking out a xmas tree, seeing a play, looking at lights, etc) and I'm either doing them alone, not doing them at all, or making my mom do them with me.

    bleh, pity party over.
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    Pretty much everything at this point but I'm internalizing it at this point as to not scare people with my ugly crying face (which is probably really unhealthy, but whatever.)
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    Almost everything reminds me of him. I think it's because he is coming home in a matter of weeks and so I just keep thinking about him.
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    Too much!!

    I can pretty much pick out the way his old car engine sounded though. I used to be able to sit in class and say "oh that's a turbo'd civic, that's a regular" etc.

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