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Thread: Urban Dictionary

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    Urban Dictionary

    What is/how accurate is the description of you when you type your name into Urban Dictionary? I think it's really weird how its usually at least 90% true in most cases.

    #1 An extremely attractive girl whos flirty personality and curvacious figure will keep you coming back for more. She's typically a brunette but occasionally acts blonde.She enjoys long relationships and has many close guy friends. Often mistaken for a "slut" but really isn't. She can also be a super bitch if you get onto her bad side.

    #7 Pretty, extremely sexual woman, usually big boobs.

    The italicized is not true, however.
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    Not even close. There's like one thing that fits.

    "A word used to describe a beautiful and bright being.
    usally linked to a girl of average height with blonde hair and brown eyes.

    Symptons of being a Holly:
    - excessive loudness (no volume control)
    - sometimes lives in a fantasy world- belives herself to be a princess
    - Tendency to dress in alot of pastel coloured pink
    - likes to be liked & loves the people closest to her dearly

    Other attributes of hollys:
    - Hardworking, motivated and ambitious
    - Creative, artistic and emotive
    - romantic, confident and passionate

    Some may refer to as Slag/Whore/Loose/'cock on the brain', this infact can be rather incorrect as it is down to a 'holly' being nothing more than a kinky being!

    Most importantly;Holly is another way to explain a 'blonde moment'
    scenario- someone looses their mobile, cannot remember where they left it, moments later, find it in their fridge.
    " oh my god! that was so holly of me!""
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    Pretty much basically the most perfect girl in the entire world, in every aspect possible. Marcia's are generally Polish, Absolutely gorgeous, intelligent, hilarious, and the best friends anybody could ask for. The nicest girls in the world, And the best cooks. Also, incredibly modest. Too perfect for words really.

    I'm Polish, that's about it. But it's interesting how there is some other Marcia out there that's Polish. My name is Greek or something.
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    I like #2 for Elizabeth

    AWESOME! awesome awesome. awesomeness. more awesome.
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    #1 for Eleanor;
    is not only the coolest looking car but the coolest looking person. It is the most awesome name a person can have. means "light". and must always be pronounced eleAnor not eleanA. Elena is a DIFFERENT name. the distinction between the 2 is very important.

    can also be shortened to el, ellie, and nell.

    What can I say?
    I'm awesome.
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    1. jennifer

    a fun, outgoing person. generally smart but can be a total blonde at times. someone who likes meeting new people, and smiles a lot. a person who never would just turn on people. a very good friend. someone you can trust. when she's mad, stand clear she might blow her top. but a person who doesn't get mad easily so you dont have to worry about that.

    That's pretty accurate!

    life's a party, rock your body
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    A fly, crazy, fresh, princess, ditzy, beautiful, gangster, barbie, diva, fun, irritating, badass, playertastic, indescribable; young lady who always looks her best.

    not many can handle her.

    someone who is talked about; on a regular basis. but doesnt give a fuckkk.

    someone who knows what she deserves and won't settle for anything less.
    She just floats with ease, and never struggles with anything she does.
    She must always meet the expectations and live up to her rightful name of the awesomest person everyone knows.

    a girl who is so bored that she searches her name on urban dictionary and is now reading this and thinking, "what the fuck."
    MrsJennyyy is mah wife

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    The name "Sarah" is translated from the Hebrew language. It means "Princess"...and rightly so!
    The translation of "Sarah" is "princess"

    The correct spelling of the name sara.
    What is your name?
    Me too! But how do you spell it?
    The correct way,
    A quiet, sensitive girl. Loves animals and loves to be with people. Not selfish and thinks of others constintly. doesnt always revolve her life around guys, and thinks education is more important.
    man, i wish i was a sarah like you!
    I can be a little selfish sometimes but I think other then that pretty spot on

    The correct spelling of Sarah is Sarai
    (From the Bible, thats who I was named after...Abrahams wife xD Im not religious)
    Obstacles are put in our way to see if we can overcome them
    Awwsnails wife
    Solstice- Words to live by: "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.". Abraham Lincoln
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    1. A word used to describe an incredibly gorgeous woman;
    2. Reference to an actually incredibly gorgeous woman.
    1. "Wow! Look at that Chanda!"
    2. "She's almost as stunning as Chanda!"

    An Amazingly awesome person
    red- head
    hyper chick that is really cool and makes good grades in school
    dude she's such a Chanda

    Maybe if I was a little more full of myself, I'd agree to that.
    I misskrissyo 'cause we have a bangin' good time...emphasis on the bangin'.
    Miss[Pregg]O is my twinie!
    TatooBot! is my lesbian partner.

    My Blog Updated:Usually weekly, because I forget to update when I updated.
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    Blog Entries
    1. Bernice

    Bernice is a beautiful name for gorgeous women and girls. Bernice means precious and priceless.

    2. Bernice

    Means ''bringer of victory''
    a creative person,and mostly a pushover.
    pretty with small imperfections.childish and cheerful.a daydreamer.kind and caring.
    possibility of being a bookworm.
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