I need a new phone, and I'm ordering it tonight. Currently I have Straight Talk: unlimited everything plan, $45 a month. I am thinking about getting a phone with Boost mobile instead, which would be $50 a month, then every 6 months the bill goes down $5 until it locks in at $35 for unlimited everything. I don't really know anything about Boost, but their coverage chart shows good service the two places I will use my phone.

Option one: Stick with Straight Talk, buy this phone for $60: Straight Talk Site Session Expired Problem: I have never had luck activating their phones online, and without a phone I'm not sure I can do it over the phone (I usually call in from a different phone, don't remember if I can do it from the phone to be activated or not). If I buy this phone, I have to buy a service card too, but I already have one and don't want to be double charged. Plus, their customer service department sucks.

Option two: Go with Boost, buy this phone for $50: http://www.boostmobilestore.com/bpdi...n=view&id=i465 Problem: It would be a more expensive plan (but cheaper in the long run) for the next six months, I know nothing about them at all as far as how well their phones work and how their customer service department is.