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Thread: T.v. In the bedroom

  1. Preaching from the book of Johnny Cash...
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    Preaching from the book of Johnny Cash...
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    T.v. In the bedroom

    Allowed or not in your home?
  2. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    MilitarySOS Jewel
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    We have one. I am moving it to the kitchen soon though
    When dd gets a little older, there WILL not be one in our room, or her room though
  3. 021409<3
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    We have one in our room. I can't sleep without the TV on and we like to cuddle in bed and watch movies.
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    I don't have an "our" room yet but when that happens, I'll say yes. I love to cuddle in bed and watch a movie.
  5. Sesa Wo Suban
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    Sesa Wo Suban
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    Nope, not in our house. We watch tv in the living room only, the bedroom is for us.
  6. Senior Member
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    Me: Here. Him: There.
    We have one, but he put it in there the day before he deployed, so if I was super depressed I could watch TV in bed for a few days.

    Honestly, it's never even been turned on and when he gets back, I doubt it will then either. Our bedroom is for special time with us. Our couch is perfect for cuddling on the couch and watching tv.
  7. The grass is greener where it gets watered.
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    The grass is greener where it gets watered.
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    We love cuddling in bed and watching TV.....movies, the news, stupid television shows.

    It's great when one of us is sick too.

    AND - the days that I don't want to watch what he's watching, or vice versa - one of us can go upstairs and watch whatever the other one doesn't want to. Sometimes on the weekends (pre-football season) he would want to watch the Military/History channel and while I love both channels, sometimes what he's watching doesn't interest me at all, so I go upstairs and watch girl shows.

    Same goes for if he wants to play his PS3 - I'm not one to sit and watch him play video games, I go upstairs, or play on my computer, or clean, or pretty much anything to avoid watching him play PS3
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    I have one in my room, but I never use it. I bought it for an apartment and then moved back home and had to put it somewhere. But seriously, if anyone wants a 32" LG TV and netflix enabled blu-ray player. I happen to one sitting around. I'll even throw in a free nintendo wii + all the games and extras, lord knows I never use it.

    When I get married the rule is no TV in the bedroom. I can't abide by TV noise when I'm trying to sleep (and I don't like TV/movies/videogames OR cuddling that much).
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    That's basically a necessity for me, like idk how people even live without TVs in their rooms. When I'm sick, I like to lay in bed and watch tv. I like to cuddle in bed and watch movies. My husband can play his video games in the living room and I can still watch something on the other tv. I see nothing wrong with entertainment and since I don't really watch anything stupid I don't think I'm rotting my brain. Idk, I like tv.
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    We don't have one in there yet, but eventually we will.
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