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Thread: What is a reasonable shipping time?

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    What is a reasonable shipping time?

    So I am curious, when you buy something, whether from ebay, an individual on a website (like from the classifieds section here or classifieds on other sites) or like a wahm, through etsy etc, what is a reasonable amount of time for shipping? If you pay on x day how many days would you expect them to ship by if they don't specify how soon they ship? 1 day? 3 days? 5 days? A week? Just wondering what the norm is.
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    Normally I expect things shipped by a week or so from when I purchased it.

    I bought something off of Hautelook once and it took them two to three weeks to ship what I ordered. I found that RIDICULOUS.

    Normally I expect it to ship no later than a week after my payment goes through.
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    I think a week is about right.

    When I sold on eBay I was very clear in my profile - I went to the post office once a week, on Thursday. If you bought something from me on Wednesday you were good to go, if you bought it on Friday you were just gonna have to wait.

    That was a long time ago though I'd probably just get dinged with negative feedback now anyway.
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    I expect a week for items that are not made to order. Made to order items 2 weeks. Sometimes and often I get them in 3-5 days depending on the day of the week I purchase and the size of the shipment
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    I feel like within a week is good.

    I know when I sell books on I am given a specified time that I am expected to ship an item. If they buyer pays standard shipping costs I think i have like 5-7 days to get it shipped out however if they pay for expedited shipping I have 3-4 days to get the book in the mail.
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    3-5 days if its not specified

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