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Thread: S/O wake up time - how many hours of sleep

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    S/O wake up time - how many hours of sleep

    How many hours of sleep can you get?

    NOT how many you do get but how many you can get.

    For example: if I let myself sleep as long as possible, sometimes even wake up for a minute and say "ok going back to bed" I can sleep for like.... 16 hours straight. I could do it every night too if I didn't have things that needed to get done.

    I sleep
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    If I get less than seven or more than nine I just don't feel right. Too much sleep makes me feel gross.

    Unless, of course, I am hung over as all hell and then I'll sleep all day. But normally, I can't do more than nine.
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    I said. 11-13. It depends though. My body is so used to only getting 9 it usually wakes me up by 7am even in the weekends. If I go back to sleep I can usually get at least 11 or 12.
  4. Vandelay Industries
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    11-13 but that's usually only if I have a really late night.
  5. Account Closed
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    It could be worse.
    I'm never able to sleep more than six hours. I am rarely able to get to sleep before midnight and I wake up between 5:30am and 6:00am whether there is an alarm clock going off or not. If I go to sleep early, I wake up even earlier.
  6. ♥ All You Need Is Love ♥
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    I'm pretty sure I can go over 10 hours but not more than 13, haven't tried it in a while

  7. Don't ever settle for less than you deserve.
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    Don't ever settle for less than you deserve.
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    Just depends on my "internal clock"...The most I have ever "slept in" I got like 9hours of sleep and that's me sick.

    Last night I was up till about midnight and then woke up before the alarm at 4am (almost a full hour before the alarm even was to go off....) which I'm one of those people once I'm awake I'm awake for good so 4hours.. Needing to be somewhere or not is all my body would of gotten today which that is more normal for me I get up after only sleeping 4-6hours more then that and I feel weird because my body isn't used to getting it's recommended amount of sleep.
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    You ladies are lucky!! Even on days where I have the hours finally available, my body and mind just will not let me sleep. I usually sleep about 3-5 hours, 7 hours on a GREAT night. And I always work different hours so those good, long sleeps are rare.
  9. Banned
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    My all time record was 23 hours. My mom kept checking on me to make sure I wasn't dead That was when I was working 12 hour overnight shifts 3 days in a row. I'd come home on my last day and be dead to the world.
  10. La vie boheme
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    If I COULD sleep as long as I wanted then I could sleep for 20+ hours. I'd wake up to use the latrine, eat a few crackers, and go back to bed.

    HOWEVER, those days are long gone and now I average around six hours.

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