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Thread: Parents on FB....

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    Roll Eyes Parents on FB....

    My daddy is on there and he says the funniest stuff.

    This is what his current status is :

    Been finding all kinda cool stuff pushing buttons on this tv, had a whole year, now looks like I'm at the front row,Can see every detail on anything!!!
    GO NOLES!!!!

    And when I told him for the 500th time that I don't get channel 7 on my dish network for the game...

    beat the pee out of it
    my response

    daddy it doesn't hold pee, it holds electricity and that's dangerous

    what funny things have your parents said on FB?
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    fb and parents always make me laugh

    My DH has a picture he was tagged in on fb from his first JRTC rotation where he's holding a big gun and has his middle fingers up anyway a bunch of his buddies comment on it and then there's my mom's comment 'hey hunny, this is my son in law now, Eileen' IDK why but it made me giggle
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    "you have pictures & I love pictures"

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