[i didn't know where to stick this cause it covers a few things haha so feel free to move it if it needs to be ]

I LOVE MY MR. CLEAN MAGIC ERASERS!!!! I killed two of them today scrubbing the hell out of my apartment! DB and roomies DH can't believe how clean I got this place. You can actually tell that things in this place were once white! cause they're white again! It's awesome.

Secondly, I HATE HALO !!!! DB and roomies DH have been playing it since 10 am, and it is now 5 pm. Roomie and I joke that when the boys start playing we get "stepford wife syndrome" and start cleaning and cooking (hence the dead Mr. Cleans and the nice dinner we'll be having once my stuffed peppers are done cooking).

but i'm so freaking sore from being on my hands and knees SCRUBBING my floors, bathtub, toilet, ect. DB finally told me to lie down cause I was about to explode after getting the stove top clean again . So now I'm lying here watching the boys play Halo listening for the oven to beep. I'm dead

DB is soooooo giving me a backrub tonight... his are fantastic