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Thread: Moving in? HELP

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    Moving in? HELP

    Ok i have a question. When DB comes home he is no longer active duty (YAY) and he is moving in with me. So i have a few questions to those that live with their SOs. Any advice? Any pet peeves most military men have? Any things I should be aware of or considerate of? PLEASE HELP IM NERVOUS!!! He's so excited and im crapping myself.
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    I don't think that anyone on this site is going to be able to give you any specific tips, all of our SOs are vastly different people, many of whom are in the military.

    As in any relationship, be considerate of each other and be prepared for an adjustment period during the first few weeks or months.
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    All men are going to be different, there's no set list of pet peeves that all military men have. My husband is messy, some military guys are anal and clean. My husband is extreeemely laid back, some men are not. It really varies guy by guy. Just use common sense, clean up after yourself, and set ground rules (are you going to be in charge of all the cooking/cleaning/etc or are you going to split the duties) and stick to them. Be open with each other. Most of all, don't expect it all to be a fairy tale. There will be disagreements about the smallest things, but that's the joys of cohabitation.
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    here are a few things DH and I discussed before moving in together;
    ( we lived together for 18 months and have been married over 10 yrs)

    1) discuss money- are you going to keep everything seperate or combine or some combined some seperate.
    2) bills- who is going to pay what - what happens if that person falls short one month?
    3) household chores- who is going to do what- when? this includes cleaning the bathrooms, doing laundry, cooking and doing dishes ect.
    4) groceries- how will you guys buy food? will you share equally who will be responsible for the shopping
    5) time and space- how will you work out time alone- going out with friends, how will you both accept "needing" space, while living in the same place.

    taking care of these will help you succeed-

    and a little advice i was given- do not give the milk away for free.
    I do not mean sex- I mean acting like a "wife" without a piece of paper-
    I did not ( and still do not) do his laundry, he cleaned ( and still does) he cooked 3 days a week( and still does), he shared in the cost of groceries ( I now take care of that) we shared in the shopping ( I do this as well).
    we do however have seperate accounts- it worked so well living together that we kept it that way-
    and we even split who pays what when.

    in all the time we have been together we have never had a single fight over money.


    Oh there is no right or wrong away- just do it they way YOU BOTH want, and be flexible in case something does not work the way you expected it too.
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    What Gunswife said...

    Make sure there is a solid understanding of how things will work

    Living together is very fun!

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