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Thread: Tell me a story

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    Tell me a story

    A 'once when I was driving through snow' story!! (Yes, total spin off of Cat's 'ditch' tread)

    A weird one for me...while I was delivering pizzas, I had to drive down through a trailer park that had not been plowed yet. I made it through the roads and parked in from of the customers house. As I was getting back to my car, the plow came through, and put the snow right up around my car. I couldnt go ANYWHERE!!! Luckily most people were out shoveling their driveways, so they came and helped me get out.

    Not really a 'driving through snow' story, but yeah.

    Oh, a few years ago, I realized what they ment by 'whiteout conditions'. 10ft. snow drifts SUCK!!!!
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    This happened way back in the day when I was little, but I was going to work with my mom because we had a snow day or my mom kept me home..or something, but we fishtailed and spun out on base. It was freaking scary.

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