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Thread: DB you crack me up sometimes! But I'm not wonder woman.

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    DB you crack me up sometimes! But I'm not wonder woman.

    So talking to DB recently has not been easy. Our schedules just don't match up at all this week! I worked 30 hours this weekend! 13 on Friday, 8 1/2 on Saturday and Sunday. Well DB thinks that I should just be able to say away until 12 pm which is only 10 pm his time. HAHA!!! No wayyy!!! Im not wonder woman, i cant just stay up like that sweetie! He cracks me up when he starts to think like this.

    But I still love him!
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    Sounds just like my DB. *phone rings at 1am* I jump out of bed, grab the phone, DB goes,"Oh, did I wake you up?" Me,"Yes." DB,"Oh... okay. Hey, you wanna know why I'm so happy?"
    "You think you know what you're looking for, till what you're looking for finds you."

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