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Thread: Fish say ribbit

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    Fish say ribbit

    Dh and ds went to pick up dinner at the chinese restaurant and I guess they have 2 big aquariums full of fish. Ds insisted on calling me to tell me about the fish and he is telling how big they are and that their mouths open and close. Then I hear dh in the background telling ds to tell me what fish say. DS sounding so proud tells me "momma, fishes say ribbit" Ds just turned 4 and it was just sooo cute even though he was wrong.

    Side note: I ask him all the time what sounds each animal makes. One day I decided to ask him what mommy says and he told me "mommy says turkey stop doing that, thats naughty" Ds's nickname is turkey.
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    Aw thats Cute my Dad taught my 2 year old brother when I ask what mommy says he says "No " lol
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