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Thread: I need a life

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    Question I need a life

    You would think that taking six classes would keep me fairly busy! No. I live in my own apartment with nothingggg to do...ever! I'm so bored and school only started last week! I need to figure out something to keep me busy when i have time on my hands. Any ideas?? All of my friends around here are always partying and i'm not really into that plus i know DB wouldnt like that. Any ideas on things to keep me busy? Thanks ladies!
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    Volunteer work? Call the local police department, they usually need volunteer. Or a hospital.

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    New work out plan? Pick up a complete series of books and read them all?
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    I can't offer you much advice, but I can definitely relate! lol.
    I just get on here all the time!
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    I read a lot, and do volunteer work
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    Maybe start a crafty type hobby?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MissTori1987 View Post
    New work out plan? Pick up a complete series of books and read them all?

    When I was home with my first baby and had a lot of time on my hands I went to the gym like every day. I took a bunch of classes and got my butt in shape.

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