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Thread: About to be a smackdown! in my house.

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    Shocked About to be a smackdown! in my house.

    My step-dad, aka Mister IKnowEverything thinks he knows what he's talking about when he's running with me talking about Wrestling (WWF,WCW,NWA, and so on...) I grew up with that crap. I read him the factual (and by that I mean wikipedia ) history of the WWE and he STILL says "Ohh no, the WWF merged with the WWE, they're not the same!"

    Smokin' crack old man, smokin' crack. I know my men in tights.

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    I used to watch WWF but I hadn't watched it in years, until I saw it on the TV when my Step dad was home and I got all into it asking all kinds of questions.
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