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Thread: I'm such a dork!

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    Big Grin I'm such a dork!

    The light bulb in our fridge has been out for about a month, maybe longer. We had talked about how we needed to get a bulb for it but it was one of those things that just reall slipped our minds when we would be shopping and we(especially me) was getting used to the fridge being dark when I opened it.
    Today DH went to wash the truck and he decided to stop at Lowes, unknown to me he bought a bulb for the fridge. I didn't know this until I went to get a drink and there was light! I got so excited that I screamed "OMG, you bought a bulb!!". I was so excited I just stood there looking in my fridge and I even closed the door and opened it a couple times because I was just so excited to have a light back in there!

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    I would have done the same thing.
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    hahaha.'s the little things

    That so would have been me too though!
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