[I am posting this for the purpose of wasting time.] Some of you may remember that I am taking over the lease from the friend that i used to live with. Saturday we (as in me & a friend who had a friend of his to help) rented a uhaul & picked everything up from my storage. Let me tell you that was nothing short of an adventure considering we had to make 2 trips. He insisted I only needed a 10' instead of a 14' like i knew we should get. Anyways...to make a long story short I wanted to take my time to unpack that way i would be kinda busy up until DH got home. I officially started unpacking sunday afternoon. Now im sitting here with only 2 boxes that need to be unpacked & DSs room that needs to just be organized really & I was out most of yesterday. Oh & of course I need to sort through some things that we dont need & will probably sell. Youd think it would be easier to just not unpack, well apparantly not for me. I think part of my ocd kicked in & I just started unpacking & couldnt stop . Now I think im off to do my friends stbxhusband laundry & try to condense all of his stuff so I can fit more stuff in one of the closets.