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Thread: My DB is AMAZING!

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    My DB is AMAZING!

    DB: I love you baby
    Me: I love you too baby. I'm gonna miss youuu.
    DB: Im gonna miss you too but ill call you every day and you can cry on the phone if you want to ok?
    Me: Lol. I'll be looking forward to your calls. And why would I cry on the phone?
    DB: Cuz you miss me so much lol
    Me: But I can be strongggg.
    DB: Yea you will be strong but its ok to cry baby im shure you will see me cry since I almost cried the other night
    Me: A week is nothinggg. I'll just have to figure out what I'm gonna do with all my free time. I'll save the crying for the year and a half you'll be in Florida and the 9 months you'll be in Iraq.
    DB: That wont be fer a while baby
    Me: Yea, but still. I'll save it for then. Maybe... maybe not. We'll have to see. Haven't been away from you for long enough to know how I'll react.
    DB: Its gonna be interesting but we will make it ok
    Me: Which time? This week? Or later?
    DB: Both but dont worry about iraq because ill be ok I know what im doing and the guys with me will know how to do their job thats why we train so hard ok baby
    Me: Yea, and it's still awhile away. I'll make it. I've gotta make it cuz I love you so much.
    DB: Well we will take it a day at a time
    Me: Yea, that's the best way to do it
    DB: what about tonights date
    Me: I definitely liked it. Mainly because I got to spend it with you.
    DB: Lol me too because I got to spend it with you thats how I want to spend every day
    Me: Aw. Baby, that'd be the perfect way to spend everyday. And it'll be better when it doesn't have to end every night.
    DB: True ill spend less gas lol
    Me: Eh, kinda. It'll still be half an hour from the base.
    DB: Yea but I usually drive out to jacks house every day anyways so not really anyway are you gonna put the down payment on the furniture tomorrow
    Me: Uh duh. I kinda love that furniture. And don't wanna wait for the stuff to be delivered after we move in.
    DB: we kinda have to so on thursday when I get back and we have some fun we will go look at the townhouse ok baby
    Me: I don't mean it like that. I mean I want the furniture to be delivered the day we move in instead of having an empty apartment for a day or so. It'd kinda suck to have an apartment with just a tv, tv stand and mattress. Lol.
    DB: Well maybe it will happen but maybe not we can still have fun plus we wont have cable for a week probably right so we will just have each other baby
    Me: Not if I set up for the cable to be set up the day we move in. And we'll have DVDs and stuff. But most definitely will have each other.
    DB: Yup that guy kinda sucked lol (in reference to a guy on America's Got Talent)
    Me: Yea well. Country singing takes TALENT. He has none. Anyways, thanks for ignoring what I said last.
    DB: Sorry baby I love you
    Me: I love you too. And my mom and sister need to go to beddddd.
    DB: So what does that mean for me
    DB: I dont know what that means did you forget im a simple country boy lol
    Me: It means you gotta wait and seeeeee.
    DB: Whaaat everrr lol
    Me: What do you want it to mean?
    DB: Dont know but I have fun all the time I am with you sweetie
    Me: Hmm. I could do a few things. Lmao. I always enjoy my time with you.
    DB: Like what
    Me: Guess
    Me: maybeeee not exactly what I was gonna do tho
    DB: well what
    Me: Dunno guess.
    DB: I think you should tell me cuz its not fair to tease me all night when I wont see you fer a week
    Me: How am I teasing you?
    DB: In the truck and sitting here with you
    Me: And you don't think you were teasing me? Gotta wait and see? And uh duh. Who else would it have been with?
    DB: Okk im not ticklish asshole.
    Me: If you aren't ticklish, then why do you jump like that?

    He just left for MD on leave. I'm gonna miss himmmm.
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    awww!!! thats so sweet! oh hey if you move into these apartment the cable is included with the rent! so you would already have cable!!!!! LOL
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    haha maybe free/included cable will win him over.

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