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Thread: Kinda Funny Story..

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    Kinda Funny Story..

    I play hockey in this rec league and during our game last night one of our players toward the beggining of the game dropped to the ground and started freaking out. He couldnt get to the bench fast enough.. fell twice just trying to get there... dropped his stick.. gloves basically flailing to the bench.

    We were like WTF dude?? The look on his face was priceless... it was the look of panic, pain, and he had some fear tears. Anyway he flings himself over the bench wall and is on his knees on the ground in front of the bench and pulls his pants and hip pads down... We were like What in the F*** is going on.

    Apparently an Ant had got into his hip pads and bit him on the tallywhacker... That.. sucks. Not real funny and the chance of a big red ant in colorado climbing into your hip pads is almost none. He must of had some bad karma or somethin..

    Anyways, it was our championship game, which we won, and there was about 40-50 people watching the game from up top... all wondering WTF is wrong with that guy watching him drop his pants and grab himself... I couldnt help but to laugh, but **** that must have hurt.
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    Poor guy
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    that poor guy, but it's kind of funny too!
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