So just a little update and how I'v been doing a while back I posted a thread about me and db that we've been fighting a lot!
its been about 2 weeks its so weird feels like after all the fighting, now that were doing good again were MORE in love! It's awesome!! The whole problem with me being insecure and jealous, Welp I'v got in under control now I have been so so much better with it and it really has made a difference in our relationship. I'm going to visit him the 11th ill be up there for 11 days I'm way excited he has a surprise for me. I still can't figure it out I know its in a different city then were he lives in (he says it was so hard to find and its unique?? OH!! and its for V-day) I just can't wait! hehe. I'm just so glad everything is falling back into place! I got scared there for a while. Anyways that's just a little update of me.

So how are you all doing??