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Thread: Inspired by Jayo...

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    Inspired by Jayo...

    If you could make a list of gifts you would want from your SO for them to keep in their wallet (or car, wherever they keep important stuff)... what would be the top 5 things on it...

    Here is my list:
    1. Jewelry (diamonds, pearls, emerald) (white gold only)
    2. Mini-Vacations (weekend together at a B&B type thing)
    3. Flowers (colorful roses, carnations, stargazer lillys)
    4. Cute appliances (tupperware, random knick-nact odd things)
    5. Homemade gifts
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    Me... Illinois Him... Afghanistan
    1. Mini-Vaca's...
    2. Romantic Dinners
    3. Jewelry... NO GOLD....
    4. Victoria's Secrets Sweats...(haha.. I am serious)
    5. Sappy Ol' Love letters...

    I dont really need materialistic things....
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    1. a weekend alone
    2. flowers
    3. a romantic dinner
    um I can't think of anything else. I just really only want to be with him.
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    hmmm hard...

    1. Getaway Weekends
    2. jewlery (white gold prefered)
    4. picture frames
    5. cuties type gifts

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    I've been thinking about this question . . .

    1. Kitchen gadgets (pans, specialty cookery stuff, mixing bowls, attachments for the mixer)
    2. Maid/professional spring cleaning co.
    3. Weekend away (with some type of recreation)

    Then I get stuck . . . I don't wear much jewelry (as much as I love diamonds) and I don't need more tchotkes . . . . *meh* I'm still of the mind that just spending time with him is the best gift going. We usually use our "gifts" jointly to make our home more enjoyable.
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    Me: MN Him: Afghanistan
    1. Flowers (roses, and gerbera daisies)
    2. Jewelry (anything from Tiffany-especially hearts)
    3. Cards (especially ones he actually writes something in )
    4. Romantic day/evening/weekend that HE plans on his own
    5. Some sort of getaway vacation, whether it's for a weekend, or longer

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    1. Romantic dates
    2. Love letters
    3. Jewelry (not gold)
    4. Random spa visits
    5. Flowers (gerber daisies/oriental lillies)

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