On friday I was out of hte house all day faxing papers and stuff and I came home to find a "we missed the delivery - UPS" sticker on my door.
No big deal, I thought it was probably something from my sister.

But my husband looked the tracking info up last night and found it was sent from Georgia and OVERNIGHTED to me! WTF! I KNOW that cost like $50.00 to send it!
And I haven't ordered anything - neither has my husband - so we have no idea what this is suppose to be and it won't be re-delivered until Monday.

So much for someone getting it delivered in a hurry And i have a feeling it wasn't sent to the correct address, honestly, because I'm not expecting anything and neither is my husband...But we do know that thre is another street with our same address about 10 minutes away. Talk about a mega OOPS! Someone spent that $50.00 and it was wasted!

whoever it is - I'd encourage them to get their money BACK.