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Thread: O'Hare airport needs a gameroom

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    Hungry O'Hare airport needs a gameroom

    So, I'm on my way to Germany to visit my DB and I'm sitting in a food court wishing O'Hare Airport in Chicago had something to do! I have a six hour layover here, and luckily have the internet, but I could use some dance, dance revolution or something. Anybody have any ideas on airport time-killers? If I was traveling with him, I could hang out in the USO lounge, but no such luck! Oh well, I hope you are all having a more exciting day than I am!!
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    That sucks, a 6 hr layover I feel your pain, been there my friend. Bring any music along? I usually bring my ipod, a couple of books, some magazines. I'll usually go find a starbucks and walk around to the little gift shops and look around. I will even sometimes just take a nap.
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