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Thread: Favorite/Interesting Myspace Comments

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    Favorite/Interesting Myspace Comments

    DB's myspace page had this comment left by 1 of his good friends:

    Hey goober it's too bad you don't live in Cali anymore cuz I am going up to visit the 8th -14th.
    Anyway I think it's time you update your page concidering you haven't lived in AZ for ever now and you have a girlfriend so yeah show Lan some love dammit! Do what ur lil sis tells you! Heheheh Miss Ya

    The reason why i bolded and found the comment interesting bc i was talking to my friend a few days and she put pics of DB and i in his comment. This way it showed some love of us. Instead his friend pointed out he needed to do that which is very thoughtful. I understand why she did it his status says single and nothing on his page stands out saying he has a gf.

    So what are some interesting/favorite comments someone has left on your myspace page or your SO's page.

    Yes, i'm bored. Also it is a snow day so no classes and relaxing at home. If only DB was here we can have so much together.....
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    None really. DH doesn't get many comments. Mostly he gets messages.
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    No one has really... He doesn't go on Myspace often, and only have 43 friends, and it's friends only.

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