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Thread: Statistics about blue eye ppl

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    Statistics about blue eye ppl

    I was reading this article and it got my mention because my DB has blue eyes and they change colors too and my eyes are brown. The statistics in the article says people who have blue eyes go for the opposite sex with blue eyes too. One because they're more attracted to their blue eyes. Two because if the female were to ever cheat and have a baby they can tell if the kid belong to the father because they would have blue eyes too. I totally believe the article was wrong. DB and I are together and we have totally different eye colors! I definitely love looking in his pretty blue eyes and him looking into my brown eyes. What is your opinion on the article? What colors are yours and your SO?
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    im calling shenanigans on this one.

    i have brown db has blue, we are fine

    ps-- just because you both have blue eyes doesnt mean your kid will have blue eyes. this article must be written by a 15 yr old

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    married 16 yrs to my dh lol he has brown eyes and i have blue . i think the article is wrong as well.
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    My eyes are brown, DH's are green and DS's are blue... I totally find the article false. I have dated men with all eye colors and eye color is just like height I don't leave that to be the deciding factor.
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    I'll call bs on that one. Dh has blue eyes and I have brown and our little man has blue eyes like his daddy
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    The article is talking about in general. There are ALWAYS exceptions. I'm sure more people will add how they are the exception as well.
    A LOT of people are attracted to blue eyes... I personally prefer green/dark... but that is very common, preferring blue.
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    i'm right there with ya!! total crap!! hehe i'm a brown eyed girl with a blue eyed boy and he absolutely loves them (although he claims that my eyes are not brown and he cannot figure out what color they are, but he's positive that they are not blue)

    woo hoo for diff eye colors than our SO's!! hehe
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    He has blue/green eyes and I have dark brown and he loves my eyes

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    I don't think that's true. I have very blue eyes and DB is green-brown. But in one way or another I can see the argument from an evolutionary psych viewpoint; we've talked about it in my psychology classes and there are studies to back it up but yea it call BS on it being a certainty.
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    Dh has brown, I have blue. I am not attracted to blue eyes, unless they suit their face! Some men would look better with darker eyes and visa versa.

    And as for the cheating thing, bullshit.
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