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Thread: New Years Eve

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    New Years Eve

    Are you going out?

    If so, what are you wearing? I'm desperately looking for a cute top that isn't trying too hard to go with jeans.
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    If by going out you mean hanging out around the house with the kids....then I'll be wearing my jammies.
  3. Yup... you STILL suck!
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    Yup... you STILL suck!
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    Nope dh is working.. I will be in my Pjs

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    I am going out, and since it is freezing balls here, I am opting
    for a cute sweater and jeans.
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    I'll either be home or working in the ER that night. so either PJ's or scrubs
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    If you live near a FOREVER 21 - it's the best place to get cute party outfits for CHEEEAAAAAPPPP. no lie.

    Personally Jake is home, so were staying in
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    since dh will be here, were camping out in the desert, just liek every other year. there will be about 30-40 of us out there. its always fun

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    Night Skiing at a local Ski Resort, they have fireworks and bands play all night
    Do not take life too seriously, you will never get out of it alive
  9. He's my popeye, but I'mnoOliveOyl!
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    We never go out on NYE. so what I wear doesn't really matter.

    Got some ideas for tops? Ross usually has "party" type tops that would work with jeans/heels..

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    I don't know what we are doing for NYE. I went out last year and got my outfit at Vanity. I found some cute shirts there. They were summer type tops, but I paired it with a cute cover. The club we went to last year had coat check which was nice since the temps were sub-zero.
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