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Thread: Need music!- Acoustic like?

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    Need music!- Acoustic like?

    I like more acoustic mellow music...or atleast thats whats on my mind right now. And I need to burn 2 CDs for my trip tomorrow night. Ummm...I like some John Mayer, some Justin
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    Hmm.. I haven't listened to him in a long time.
    The song you had on your profile before.. what was it? uh.. the video, he's in a boat.. shit.. well if you know what I'm talking about, that's from the same ex as this guy.. That's even where the start of my 'lovedisappears' name started from. It's one of his songs. I believe he's acoustic, at least some of his songs? Jeffrey Gaines.

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    If you have a myspace search the music for Rayen Belchere (I think I spelled that right) He is a guy from my hometown and he is an AWESOME person and a WONDERFUL musician!! DH and I's song is called forever nightstand by him and it is very suiting for us!! I <3 Rayen he was a great friend though we lost contact after I up and disappeared (seemingly overnight LOL) but I still go and listen to his music!

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