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Thread: Square footage

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    Square footage

    Do you count the garage and basement in your square footage when telling people about your house?
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    I go off the sq footage they told us when we bought the house. I don't know if that includes the attached the garage or not. I'm thinking it doesn't. I does not include the detached garage/shop. Its almost the same size as the house
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    I thought they always included all that.. I mean, that is considered "liveable space". Isn't it?
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    I dont count the garage as "living space", so no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MullerKris View Post
    I dont count the garage as "living space", so no.
    clearly no one in your family spends as much time in there as my stepdad does
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    No, I don't. Here, when you buy a house, they don't include the garage (very few houses here have basements anyway) in the square footage, so I don't either.
    If the house had an unfinished basement, I think I wouldn't count it, but if it's finished, I would.
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    Some states include attached garages in your livable square footage (i.e. your taxes will be higher). If I were personally doing it I don't think I would count a garage, unless maybe it had a nice workshop area in it. But if it were just big enough for cars then no. For a basement if it was finished, or had the ability to be finished (i.e. it was a dry basement and it was a modern basement not stone foundation and dirt floor) then I would count it in the square footage.
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    In my Personal Finance class in high school we had to go on the property inspector's website and look up stuff about our house and they have a "living square feet" and "raw square feet" thing.
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    I know in Florida, square footage only includes areas that are heated and cooled, whether it be central heating and air, or seperate units. So, the garage isn't included. I saw on a TV show once that a basement has to have a certain ceiling height to be counted in the sq ft. We don't have any basements here though, so I don't know about other places with basements. It seems like it's not included a lot though.
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    No. Our house would be a lot bigger if we added the square footage of the garage and attic.

    Oops, said attic randomly...we don't have a basement.
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