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Thread: Scars

  1. Tackling our first deployment!
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    Tackling our first deployment!
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    Have any cool ones? How'd you get them? Pics?

    I have one going through my right eye brow. I got it when I was little from running through my grandparents garage and slipping and hitting my head on the handle of a metal trash can. (yes I busted my head open on a trash can).

    You can kind of see it in this pic.

    Then I had surgery in April and I think my scars pretty cool haha

    My wrist about 4 month after my surgery. Thats pretty much what it looks like now.
    After waiting and worrying, he's finally home!
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    I have a pretty big scar on the small of my back, above my butt. When I was little, I was taking a bath and laying down in the bathtub on my stomach playing mermaid. I sat up and hit my back really hard on the faucet.
  3. Account Closed
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    I've got quite a few scars. I'm pretty accident prone. I have a scar on my forehead from when I was 2 and ran into my grama's cupboard door. And I have one in my left eyebrow from when I was 4 and fell off the bunkbed. There are lots more, but it would take to long to explain them all.
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    JBER; Anchorage, AK
    Mine are all surgical... I used to have pics... too lazy to find them though right now.
  5. I'm so Blessed
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    I'm so Blessed
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    och look like it hurt.
  6. US Army.... Like Me or NOT... HERE I COME
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    US Army.... Like Me or NOT... HERE I COME
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    Yep, Right in between my boobs. I was on my sisters bike when i was 9 and the brakes failed to work. My dad had his trailer in driveway and at the top he had metal trim on it that came to a really sharp point. Well the brakes failed and my tire got stuck under the trailer which threw me over the handlebars slicing my chest open in the mean time. My mom almost was passing out cleaning me up while I was laughing cause I was a tomboy and that kind of stuff was normal for me. It was a deep slice. Ahhh Memories LOL
    Thank You to brentscrystal

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  7. Banned
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    Oh, I have tons!
    I have one through my eyebrow like yours. My friend hit my face with a hose when we were younger...we were jumping on the trampoline, and she flew it back and hit me. It was the kind with a spray handle, I had stitched on my eyebrow and on my nose. Not to mention a black eye.

    When I was about 7 I went to the beach and a bait knife went straight through my foot. I have a scar on the top and bottom from that.

    On my knee I have 3 scars from surgery.
    On my right arm I have a scar from being scratched by a cat, literally.
    On my forhead I have a scar from my brother whacking me with a steak knife when we were younger.
    I think that's it!
  8. I thought I told ya, Imma star!
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    I thought I told ya, Imma star!
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    Me: Wisconsin! But my heart is in Pittsburgh
    All my scars are from surgery and are on my tummy! And aren't very pretty. One of them is covered by a tattoo!
    I have one on my knee as well from running, then falling on a brick patio when I was younger.
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    My only big scar is one that wraps around my left pointer finger. I crushed it in the hinge of a bathroom door at a hair salon and sort of had to have it put back together and parts reattached. Works fine but it's a bit pointy where some of the bone in the tip was removed and the scar runs across part of the nail bed so I can't grow a long nail on that finger. No pictures, sorry.
  10. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    The ugliest one I have is on my left pinky..When I was 16 I was running towards the door and I slipped and smashed my hand in the glass table that was right next to the door...a huge long chunk of skin came off...I was bleeding a shit load...and yet I didn't go to the hospital..LOL I had to keep my arm elevated...I lost so much blood that the next morning after I got out of the shower and came to my mom to bandage up my finger I collapsed...and the funny part well what my mom thinks is the funny part she pokes me and says Well you still going to school lol
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