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Thread: Do you like your name???

  1. Loving Life!
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    Do you like your name???

    If you do, have you Always liked your name??? As a kid, did you not like it, but like it now????

    Morissa told me the other day she doesn't like her name Rather, she didn't like that it's spelled 'different'.

    I told her I didn't like my name when I was a kid - I was the ONLY Ellen for YEARS in school.....she told me that my name was a 'grown up' name.

    My little Loves!
  2. Keep Calm and Ride Unicorns
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    No, never liked it. Although everyone I know does.
  3. He's the only other half that makes me whole ♥
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    I like my name..Amy. It's really simple. Now my last name...I hated it in school bc teachers would get it wrong allllll the time.

    Now, I love both my first and last name though!
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  4. Gained a child but lost my sanity!
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    I didn't when I was younger because it is unusual but now I love it- well except for the fact that no one can spell it!
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    I never liked my name as a kid. But I like it now.
  6. Banned
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    When I was in school, I hated my name. No one could spell it, no one could pronounce it when they read it (Srsly, how hard is Tawny to pronounce??). But now that I'm older, I really love it. I'm also very thankful that my Mom didn't spell it differently. I don't know why but "mispelled" names irk me.

    Morissa isn't bad though, it's actually a nice way to spell that name. She's a kid though, and kids always have some kind of complaint
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    My name changed when I was 10. I was Christine before that and I LOVED my name. When I was adopted and it changed to Joy I hated it. I hated that people called me Joy to the World or things like that. Even my husband points to things around Christmas time and is like, "Look it says Joy". I kind of like it. It is not a common name but not too uncommon either. My name is kind of goofy with my last name and people tend to refuse to say my names together but whatever lol.
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    I didn't like it when I was young because it's spelled differently. But now, I love it. I wouldn't change anything about it.
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    I hate my name.
  10. La Xicana
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    I HATED my name as a kid. My dad's name is Rene and he wanted the first born named after him In Mexico Renee is a BOY name, LOL, so you can imagine when people in my school in Mexico found out my name....oy! Kids can be cruel . When I came to the US, I always lived in border towns, so even then many kids in my schools were Mexican, and the tradition of teasing Renee for having a boy name continued, LOL. Finally one day when I was 12, I saw a cashier that had a name tag that said Renee....i was extatic!! I had never seen another girl with that name. From that day forward I started liking my name more .
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