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Thread: So I'm drinking my first "Coke" in - ooooh - 10 years

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    So I'm drinking my first "Coke" in - ooooh - 10 years

    Or longer.

    I'm a total Dr Pepper FREAK! I drink Sierra Mist or Root Beer if Dr Pepper's not available at hte a restaurant or something.

    But haven't actually had a Coca-Cola in over 10 years - Maybe 15! Who knows.

    Well today I bought a Dr.P at a machine outside the store since they didn't have any inside - and there was a coke laying in the soda-drop. Bought and paid for, apparently. So I took it. Theif!
    Anywhoo - I drank my Dr.P before i got home - and just now am cracking open the coke.

    I don't remember coke EVER tasting like THIS! It's not half-bad. Honestly - it tastes like it has nutmeg in it or something.
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    Yeah coke is glorious! But i haven't had one in over a year, I use to be addicted to coke!! ahh but I had to get myself to stop drinking it! SOO many calories! Now when i drink it, it's still good but not anything like the same goodness I use to experience
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    coke is too sweet for me.. I'm a Pepsi girl or I was when I still drank it.. now I drink Dr P or root beer (prefereably Mug's/caffeine free ) I now only drink pop when I go out to eat

    on your free Coke
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    I hate regular Coke.
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    Me: Virginia Beach :D

    I hate soda all together!!


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