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    17 15.04%
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Thread: How do you pack?

  1. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    How do you pack?

    Do you normally over pack? under pack? bring just what you need?
  2. Señor Member
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    Okinawa, Japan
    I usually pack exactly what I'll need.
    Which sometimes turns into under packing

    but usually I'm good.
    I organize my outfits by days in big zip lock bags, underwear, bra, shirt, pants, socks, all in a bag for each day lol.

    be cool.
  3. Senior Member
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    Ashaway, RI
    I'm an overpacker
  4. Senior Member
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    me: New Orleans, LA him: Camp Lejeune, NC
    i usually over pack. i have a HUGE suitcase and i always get made fun of for using it. but you never know what youre gonna need!
  5. Account Closed
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    I overpack. For a 2 day trip I bring enough for a full week LOL
    Ugh, I have to pack on Thursday.
  6. Account Closed
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    I'm a great packer. I can fit everything including a towel and my pillow in the bag.
    I went to NC to go to the MC Ball and I vacuum sealed my dress and packed enough clothes for a week, my pillow and extra towels[i don't like hotel towels], and still had room = ]
  7. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    i always over pack because with kids you just never know and i always change my mind on what i want to wear or put on them. If i bring only what i need something always goes wrong with what i packed.
  8. Senior Member
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    I usually overpack. You never know what you may need!
    Needs work.
  9. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Vicenza, Italy
    im packing right now and yep... its overpacking!
  10. Senior Member
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    My little house on the prairie
    I bring just what I'm going to need plus one extra outfit just in case.

    Off topic but kind of funny
    Once I had my pants all folded the same way in my suitcase and someones mouthwash spilled out of thier bag and on the corner of mine during the flight. The crotch on all my pants smelled like mouthwash.
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