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Thread: What would make you speechless or say holy crap

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    What would make you speechless or say holy crap

    What kind of surprise gift from your SO would make you say holy crap or just be speechless from it??? I'm asking this bc DB working on something for me. He knows I'll love it, he is guaranteeing 100% satisfaction, and he says I'll be either speechless or I'll say holy crap when I see it. Its takes a lot for me to be speechless So what in the name could it be . Also its going to be a while before I can see the gift. He seriously won't tell me what it is or give me a tiny hint either!!! I'm not sure if I got the patience bc I really really really want to know what it is!!!!
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    me: Oakland
    My Christmas gift last year made me speechless... it was my puppy... now?? The only thing would probably be an engagement ring for me, but this is just what I can think of. Knowing him, he'll find something whenever he is able to shop for me again. Can't wait to hear what it is your man is plannin' for ya!
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    If he proposed sometime before summer

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    A ring maybe???? That's the only thing I can think of.
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    Me: Kentucky. Him: Iraq.
    The only present that would make me speechless is an engagement ring
    Could that be it?
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    New car.
    But I'm not getting that..
    HE'S HOME!
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    I was speechless when he proposed, but now I think I would be speechless with a secret homecoming. Of course, that will never happen, but it would definitely make me
  8. I got all this, and personality too.
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    I got all this, and personality too.
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    A car!

    Or an Amazon Kindle!

    I'm probably just getting chocolate and tea this year though. We're broke.
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    we are in va beach.
    if i came home and his socks were in the hamper, his uniform was in the closet, his shoes were in the closet, the dishes had been done, there were no random dirty dishes in the living room, and he was just finishing my dinner. that would be the best one, i think.
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    I am always at a loss for words when DH rights me a love letter. He doesn't write them as often as he used to but he is good about doing it at the oddest of times just out of the blue! I love them so much and I always save them!!!
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