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Thread: Have you ever...

  1. Insert something witty -->here.
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    Insert something witty -->here.
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    Screwy Have you ever...

    Got a song stuck in your head and wanted to get a hammer and beat it out???? LMAO... Some how i have cranberries song zombie stuck in my head...
  2. Proud mother of a baby boy...and wife of a soldier
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    Heck yeah! Been there, Done that.

    Im so in love with you hunny. I know I have never felt this powerful of a love before, I have only thought it was possible for those rare lucky few. And now I think we have it. Or are we just now part of the lucky rare few? XOXO Love you hun. -DH 9/8/11
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    Fact: bears eat beets.
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    Oh yeah...

    Sometimes I have no idea why certain songs get stuck in my head!
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    Oh I hate that! If it's a song I like it's not too bad but when it's a song I hate omg it's annoying. Or when I'm trying to go to sleep then no matter what it is it's a pain.

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