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Thread: New Roommate Finally

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    New Roommate Finally

    I'm so glad I just got a roommate! We need one to help out with the bills and he can move in in like 10 days! He's only 19 and going to school for his AA and working so he said he's not home much and when he is home he'll be in his room on his computer. He's nice and friendly, got good vibes, not killer rapest vibes, so that's good.

    This will really help out our bills and help me not be so lazy, I'll have a reason to shower and get dressed every day. lol can't sit around in my pjs with no bra with a roommate.

    Anyways, just wanted to share with ya'll my happy day! Thanks!

  2. is so happy to have him HOME!!
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    is so happy to have him HOME!!
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    that's wonderful!! yay!
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    Help with the bills is always a good thing!

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