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Thread: First kiss with your SO?

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    First kiss with your SO?

    I was going through the threads and read the one about your first real kiss...but what about your first kiss with your SO? Im sure there are interesting stories out there.

    Ill start by telling mine...

    Eric, myself, and two of my friends, Jennifer and Jon (who are engaged and expecting) were spending the day together. This was mine and Erics first "date". We had been talking every day for the longest time but hadnt actually gone out. Anyways, we had spent all day together, which included the normal hugging, holding hands, cuddling in the movies...but still no kiss. And Im an impatient woman! lol. We went to the bowling alley and he had just bowled a strike and Jennifer was up next. As he was walking back from the lane to sit down I motioned him over to where I was and when he leaned down, I just leaned in and kissed him. Lol. I couldnt help myself. But it worked cause he kissed me back and the rest is history....

    Come on ladies...share, share, share
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    We hooked up at a party. He intentionally got me drunk in order to do so. I was 19 and a little slutty. I guess it all worked out for the best hehe.
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    We've been "steady" (does anybody still use that word) for a month or so. We were trying to get my best friend and this guy together so the four of us went out to a nice restaurant (at 15 yrs old). Our friends didn't have any money so DH and I went to the ATM to get more. I opened the card door since I was about to get off the car to go back into the restaurant, then he touched my arm and said, "wait!" So I look back and he kissed me. We don't even know if we did it right because it was the first for both of us.
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    we were at the theater watching some scary movie...i kept leaning in closer to him pretending i was really scared and he leaned in and kissed me
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    it was the 2nd day we were dateing and he droped me off at home so i could go get ready for prom that night, and he got out of his truck to walk me up to the door and i just gave him a big hug, and then looked up into his eyes and we both just started to lean in and kissed
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    He picked me up at the airport when i went to go see him and i walked over to him and he picked me up and kissed me and then wouldnt let go of me for like 10 minutes i loove him
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    it was so cute.

    We were up in his room, watching TV on his bed (well, mattress. He doesn't have a bed there because he didnt live there so they "got by" with that in his room when he came home on visits.)

    i was laying there to his left, and he leaned over me like he was looking for something, and then he sits up, he turns to his right & he was like, "where is it.. " *rummages around* "I'm lookin for ..." and as soon as i sit up to ask "what are you looking for" he turns back to his left and kisses me. SO cute.

    then he goes, "thats what i was looking for."
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    It was day after we met, he had a party at his house and we were drinking...We were sitting on his front porch and I wasn't that drunk, so I was going to just sober up and drive home, but he took my phone, called my roommate and asked her if it would be okay if I slept here because he didn't want me driving home. He hung up, and I just looked at him and said "I'm fine, you don't have to worry about me" and he looked back and said "I know I just met you yesterday, but I'm falling pretty hard for you and I don't know what I would do if something happened to you. Just stay here, you can sleep up in my parents' room and no one will bother you." Then he kissed me.

    Needless to say, I slept in his parents' bed that night.
    And so did he.
    .....I mean, he had to make sure no one would bother me.
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    Wow compared to ya'lls our first kiss just sounds really cheesy! We went out to eat and he just kept staring at me and biting his lips. After that we were bored so we went to target and goofed off in the toy section (I know we are little kids at heart). I could tell he wanted to kiss me so I would get really close to him but then turn away. Ok, I'm a tease, but hey I'm a girl and that's what we do best. I guess he finally got tired of it and took the hand that he was holding and put it around my back and just shoved me closer to him and just kissed me. I like the aggressive type so this was a huge plus! So our first kiss was at a really romantic place, target! haha But I don't think I could ever forget it. Now that I'm thinking about it I hope little kids were around
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    We just got out of the movie "Zathura", and I thought he wanted to hug me so I put my arms around him but I guess he was trying to kiss me and ended up kissing my cheek/ear. So embarrasing. Later that night he commended me on not wanting to kiss him on the first date...I never told him I would have but just didn't know his "plan" LOL
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