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Thread: spin off of show pets thread

  1. OneSailorsGirl25
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    Smile spin off of show pets thread

    What are some funny habits that your pet has?

    My cat "pole dances" on the table legs. She wraps her front legs around the leg, stands up on her back legs then hops in circle around the table leg. It is the funniest thing to watch!!

    She also starts every morning with giving my dh kisses on his chin
  2. La Xicana
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    Charley jumps on top of Dori's neck and gives her 'neck massages' , here is a tiny clip...not a great one, but I haven't downloaded the others, LOL. Dori doesn't really like this very much...although sometimes she gives in and lets him

  3. Mama of 2 beautiful boys!
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    Before Pieper goes outside she has to walk around the person letting her out. It's very odd She also automatically sits and lays down when she wants a treat....I guess she knows I'm gonna ask it and just does it
  4. Bishes be crazay.
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    Bishes be crazay.
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    Our cat Vera cups water in her paw and sips out of it rather than drinking directly from the bowl. it's pretty cute.

  5. OneSailorsGirl25
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    LOL! That was so cute!!!!

    I forgot to mention (as I did in the other thread) my cat also wags her tail.
  6. Senior Member
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    Pilar is obsessive about her fur. She won't sleep on the floor. There can be a box, clothing, even a piece of paper on the floor and she will sleep on that but absolutely under no circumstances does her fur touch the "dirty" floor. Also her fur is bunny rabbit soft and all guests fawn over it and she soaks up the attention--if she is ignored, she tries to act cute, "awwp"ing softly and kneading her paw in the air. Also, everytime she is touched she has to sanitize her fur.

    Kiya is obsessed with ribbons, rubberbands, hairties, my keyring, etc. Anything "donut" shaped and she will carry it around, no matter how huge. So many times she carries off my keys, and when I run out of scrunchies I have to search for her hiding spot...I find a small mountain.

    Kiara is intelligent as hell. She would always stare at me peeing and the toilet flushing fascinates her...and I started finding pee in the toilet bowl that only I use. I thought my brothers were using it, or something, until one day I walked in on her taking a whiz in the toilet. Now if only I get get all 6 to do it... I think she connects peeing with the toilet flushing...haha. She very, very rarely does it but it's still kind of amazing. Also, she loves to ride around on my shoulders like a parrot or something, though I'm never a willing horsey! She has a lot of odd quirks.

    Gizmo is afraid of everything. He is the only male, yet the only one who clickity-clacks when he walks (high heels?), has the most feminine meow of all and disgraces his owner, DH.

    Shiner walks up to you and as soon as you reach out to touch her she screams--literally screams--and runs away. If you catch her, she puts her head down and pouts until you put her down. She's flighty.

    Sassy chases her tail, and sleeps in the litterbox...eww. Kiara, Kiya and Sassy LOVE dill pickles. Kiara loves mint, and all of them dig bleach. They're weird.

    Awaiting the arrival of baby Andrew

  7. Account Closed
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    My puppy takes the socks off my dad's feet every night. He also greets us at the door with either a sock or one of his toys.
  8. Mmhmm.
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    my cat chews on the door stoppers. my cat also talks back to me once i start talking to him.

    my dog isn't special like that, she doesn't have any weird habits. Oh, wait, she won't walk over storm drains, over in-ground electric boxes (large metal plates on the sidewalk), and she hops over puddles.
  9. aka Mrs Gibberish
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    My DH feeds Fuzzles when he wakes up in the morning for work. As soon as his alarm goes off she goes running to her bowl. On the weekends when he doesn't work she will start meowing around the time he usually wakes up so he has to get up anyway and feed her.

    I usually sleep in so when she gets hungry she will sit on the table next to my bed and stare at me. As soon as I open my eyes she will either meow or jump up next to my face and sniff my face. It's so cute because she wont do it unless I open my eyes and look at her.
  10. Formerly known as stapletonlove
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    My dog loves to take showers. She takes one every single day. I have a video, but it won't let me upload it on photobucket.

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