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Thread: Flame Free Friday Confessions

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    Flame Free Friday Confessions

    We haven't done this in a while, so here goes. What naughty/lazy/silly things have you done this week?

    1. I'm on AND a comference call right now!
    2. I was on vacation and ate treats every day!
    3. I forgot to put sunscreen on when I was at the beach one day. My tan looks gooooooood.
    4. I haven't worked out in ages.
  2. Not even the Army can shatter my spirit.
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    Not even the Army can shatter my spirit.
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    Let see..

    1. I ate half a box of cheez-its
    2. Yesterday I ate 2 brownies.
    3. The day before that I ate a bunch of Justin's sherbet and plan to do it again tonight along with brownies.
    4. I didn't call my Grandma like I told her I would.
    5. I only did half of my new yoga video. I want to like yoga but it's just so
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    I havent worked out in ages

    Ive gained 6 pds of "happy weight" since DH has been back. Damn snacks

    I havent cleaned in a couple days

    Ive been a general lazy ass
  4. Do fairytales ever come true?
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    Do fairytales ever come true?
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    1. i ate ALOT of cold stone ice cream on wednesday
    2. i spend all day at work on here everyday
    3. im addicted to the apps on myspace and have to play them every morning
    4. i ate a whole big bag of cheetos jalepeno this week
    5. i told someone off at work a few days ago
    6. i dont work out like i should be

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    I had McDonald's for lunch the last two days in a row.

    I told Riley the cupcakes were all gone because I wanted the last one.

    I threw away a pair of Riley's underwear because I just didn't feel like cleaning the poop out of it.
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    hmm. i opened a Victoria Secrets credit card and already spend $100 on it for the next time I See the DB
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    I ate TACO BELL last night
    I enjoyed my day off today and stayed in my jammies until 2pm
    I'm going to drink TEQUILA TONIGHT margaritas with the girls
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    I have many leather bound books
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    This week I have:

    Been a horrible employee and had this site on A LOT!

    Other than that, I've been an angel But, I can't think of anything else really.

    The Best Homecoming I ever had
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    BLT= Brandon Loves Tiffany
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    hmm... instead of cleaning or doing anything productive Ive stayed in bed and on MSOS for my past 3 days off and now Im thinking of calling in tomorrow so I can go to a rodeo
    I havent folded a single piece of laundry, its in a huge pile on my floor.
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    Good thing to know i'm not the only lazy person here lol.....

    I haven't washed my hair in 3 days(i've been to the pool and worked out...eeww)But I have washed my body lol

    I don't do a damn thing until an hour before Db comes home lol that way he thinks I've been doing a lot to keep myself busy lol

    And I've been obbsessing over getting an egagment ring soon that i leave the sites up on the computer when Db comes to use it lol
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