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Thread: The Gap-mission joke! What would you have bought!

  1. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
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    The Gap-mission joke! What would you have bought!

    If you were the one who went to the mall and shopped around and spent that much money what did you bring home!!

    I would have:
    Gone to Hot Topics, the Rave and other such stores and bought a variety of boots, sassy pants and various 'goth and punk' clothing and accessories.
    Some creatine and such from GNC
    A few real bras that actually fit!!
    A bunch of cool candles and decorative things like sconces and stuff 'cause i love that junk, too.
    And maybe a few kitchen things like a new set of pots/pans and some awesome ov-gloves and so on.
    I'd pig out on chinese food or maybe some big pretzles and I'd have a cup of coffee in my hand the whole time!

    I'd have a blast...AND I'd be all by myself!! Hell, I might even make eye contact with people!
  2. Loving Life!
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    My little Loves!
  3. Mama of 2 beautiful boys!
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    That map is so true! Although dh is kinda a shopper
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    I'd definatly get lost in buckle, vanity, Steve & Barrys, JCPennys, and payless. Heck-add Victorias secret to the list too! New decorations for the house would be a must, and I might even get decent makeup. Don't forget those shoes now! Then I'd go eat at applebees (its in the mall here!) and get tipsy so DH won't be quite so mad when he sees the reciepts

    and I would definatly be shopping alone...DH and DD have zero patience.

  5. OneSailorsGirl25
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    I have to admit, I'd have gone in, and gotten the jeans. I only like to shop when I'm in "the mood" for it. I don't mind browsing, but I usually only window shop, unless there is some major sale going on!
  6. Bronco Lover
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    Totally describes the way I shop (when I do) and when he shops. That's why when I seriously go on a shopping trip, I never take him with me. It'll be just a bunch of, "Are you done yet??" And yes he does go into the Gap just to buy jeans. I have no idea why that's such a friendly store for guys???
  7. Proud mother of a baby boy...and wife of a soldier
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    Thats some stores...but not all.

    Im so in love with you hunny. I know I have never felt this powerful of a love before, I have only thought it was possible for those rare lucky few. And now I think we have it. Or are we just now part of the lucky rare few? XOXO Love you hun. -DH 9/8/11
  8. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I'd have detoured to Macy's and the makeup counters and spent way too much on Lancome eyeshadows and Estee Lauder moisturizer. Probably meandered over to the shoes and grabbed a few pair of those Santana slingbacks I've been eyeballing. Next I probably would have wandered over to VS and grabbed some panties and lotion.

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