so i just came back form the debates bored. one of the posts there reminded me of this dream i had the other night that i though was funny .

the day before my dream my mom told me that Phelps trained this year in Colorado springs. that is where i use to live , and even swam competitively on a smaller scale of course .

so here is my dream :

me and phelps are at a pool . he tells me to swim another lap. so i do then we start working on my starts off the blocks .

so i do my BEST start ( which is terrible ) and he yells at me and tells me to do it again and give me pointers. then after like 5 times he gets frustrated and shows me...and i still dont get it ..... he says we will work on it another time he has to go race in bejing... and walks away.....

so there it is i think im going crazy lol do you have any weird dreams lately ?