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Thread: Has Anyone

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    Roll Eyes Has Anyone

    ever shot a gun?

    Db wants me to go shoot guns with him when he gets back home and i really want to but im kinda nervous..
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    The only gun I've shot is a bb gun But I'm going to start to go to the shooting range with my dad. Its something that I've always wanted to learn. Plus I think it will be a good stress reliever....or so I've been told
  3. ftgordongirl
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    i told DF i wont ever but he said he wants me to know how so i can protect myself if something should happen and hes not around
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    i've been shooting since I was little. I love to shoot guns. I personally own a glock 19, 38 smith & wesson revolver and a 12 gauge shotgun. My glock is named Betty, 38 is named Sally. I haven't named the 12 gauge yet. Hubby names his guns too. He has a handgun named Buck...its fun and something we both enjoy doing together.

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    I have with my dad when I was younger. My DH wants to take me shooting too.
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    Yes several times both rifles and hand guns, while growing up and later at an indoor range. Haven't gone to the range since we moved here tho.

    We enjoyed going and I think maybe the hardest thing for someone who hasn't done it before is to keep your eyes open and not flinch while expecting the noise. I'm sure you'll do well. TAKEN AT NISQUALLY WILDLIFE PRESERVE
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    Yes, just up at camp with my family though, never at a shooting range. I'm sure you will be nervous till you get that first shot off, then you'll be fine!
    Have fun!

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    Yes. If you're nervous, don't start with a big caliber. Tell him you want to start small, insist on a .22 or a 9mm handgun, and/or a .22 rifle.
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    I used to when I was younger, my dad would take to the shooting range, sometimes my best friends aunt would take me...she has all sorts of records at the range haha

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    Me!!! I spend quite a bit of time at the gun range. Just relax, you'll be fine!
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