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Thread: TGIF!! Woo Hoo!!

  1. Mama of 2 beautiful boys!
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    Mama of 2 beautiful boys!
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    Jump for Joy TGIF!! Woo Hoo!!

    It's Friday and it's almost the weekend!

    What are y'all doing? Any big plans??

    I plan on some retail therapy and I'm getting my hair done on Sunday. Nothing major, but I could use a nice relaxing weekend!
  2. Senior Member
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    I have to take my daughter to a birthday party at the gym Sunday. Hopefully the tree guys are coming to remove 2 dead maples from my yard tomorrow. Tonight, I'm putting the kids to bed, cracking a beer and watching the Olympics. TGIF is right!
  3. Account Closed
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    DH is going to a conference in Baltimore, MD for 3 days and im going with him I get to lounge around, shop, dip in the pool and SOS while he's busy.
  4. formerly tickllexmexpink
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    i'm in CT, he's in the sandbox
    end of the week! yay!! i'm going to a co-workers cook out tonight, getting my hair done tomorrow afternoon and babysitting my little cousins tomorrow night.. then relaxing on sunday thank god this week is over!

    Football season isn't the same
  5. Just Kate
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    Just Kate
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    I'm going to the Phillies game tomorrow night and packing for school, I leave on Tuesday im excited

    Wifey to D........., RainbowBrite

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    Thank god for Friday!
    I have a weekend of nothing planned. That's right...I PLANNED to do nothing! My weekends for the past 7 weeks have been complete insanity and I am more tired my the time I reach Sunday than I was when the weekend began!

    I am very excited about my planned "nothingness"!
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    I am so glad!!! Tonight I am hanging out with a friend and just watching movies or something. Besides that I have nothing planned for the weekend. I really just want to lay around and do nothing. Saturday marks a month since DF has deployed its gone by so fast. I wanted to do something special for myself but I have nooo money.
  8. a sailor's girl
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    yay for friday!!! I don't really have anything planned. Sunday I have to go to my friend's child's baptism but thats about it. Just relaxing!
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    I have to go into work each morning to do the watchstander stuff.. then i come home and i plan on going through clothes and decide what i need to get rid of and what to keep..

    thats my plan for the whole weekend

  10. The Future "Pothead"
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    Homework all weekend. How relaxing... but HEY! At least the summer semester is almost over! And in 12 days I see DB!!!

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