I'm so anxious! DB is back at his unit after being gone for a month. He's only like an hour away. Just a few more hours and I get to go pick him up and spend my last few days with him! I have the house all decorated with streamers and like 90 balloons taped everywhere, a sign that says Welcome Home Zach, and as long as he gets released after 3 I'm going to have a bunch of his friends there waiting for when I bring him home, kinda like a suprise party. He kept saying he'll just find a way home and I'm like No, I want to come get you, he has no idea I have all this planned. I'm sooo excited! I really hope it goes well and we don't do that pre-deployment arguing crap.
I probly won't be on here much so I'll talk to all you ladies in a two weeks and I'll have lots of pics to share!
Love ya'll!!!