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Thread: Augusten Burroughs?

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    Augusten Burroughs?

    Anyone? Anyone?

    He wrote "Running With Scissors" about his beyond-dysfunctional upbringing.... (it was released a year or two ago in theaters....the movie sucked compared to the book.)

    And "Dry"... another book loosely based on his life.... all about his struggles with alcohol...

    I was just in Target and saw he's released another book... "Possible Side Effects" and I can't freaking wait to read it... I'll probably start it this afternoon...

    Anyone read any of his stuff? I think he's PHENOMENAL.... he's gone throught he most f-ed up stuff in his life.... but manages to write about his experiences in a humorous way.... they're soooooo good.

    I'd def. reccommend his books 100000%...... just not if you're homophobic.
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    I love him!! His books are fantastic! I am gonna have to go out and get the new one!

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