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Thread: 19 minutes by Jodi Picoult

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    19 minutes by Jodi Picoult

    Has anyone read this book yet??
    I got it from the library on Friday and finished it last night. It is a really good book and one I highly recommend reading. Really gets you thinking and really opens your eyes up too.
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    I just finished My Sisters Keeper by her, and I was looking into getting that one next, thanks!
    I would rather spend my time missing you than be with someone else <3

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    I finished that on Friday & it was really good. It wasn't my favorite by her0 My Sister's Keeper wins that- but I still it!
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    I was looking at buying it the other day. I've read My Sister's Keeper (AMAZING!) I recommend The Pact for another good one by her. It is quite the twist on a love story.

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    I read this book on your recommendation and I really enjoyed it. My DH and I had a discussion about which would be worse: to be the parent of a killed student or to be the parent of the shooter responsible for all those deaths. It was a very thought provoking book and I'm going to look for more by her next time I go to the library (this was the first Piccoult I've read). Thanks!
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    i love this author!! And as soon as Gwynn brings it down to me, I am reading this one!!
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    oh i LOVED my sister's keeper. i will have to check out both 19 minutes and the pact
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    ms. picoult is very interesting to read.
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    I read My Sister's Keeper after some of you recommended it. I loved it. Went to the libray to try to get this one....of course our shitty ass library didn't have it, I checked out The Tenth Circle by her. Anyone read this one? Is it good?

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