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Thread: Stephenie Meyer books

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    Stephenie Meyer books

    oh my goodness i just finished twilight by stephenie meyer, it is soooooo romantic, but soooo good, and not cheesey! THe girl falls in love with a hott vampire! good good stuff
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    I love the Stephanie Meyer books!! I've read both Twilight and New Moon and can't wait for Eclipse to come out on Aug. 7!!
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    OMG i finished that book in 2 days, an then i read new moon whih is even better, eclispe comes out august 7th and I will be at the book store picking it up...
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    I haven't got around to reading any of these books yet, but I've heard of them before and they sound really interesting. I am obsessed with vampires, seriously. I'll have to check them out!

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