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    Thumbs Up A Baby Between them

    I loved this book and finished it last night.

    In A BABY BETWEEN THEM, Aidan Wythe and Rae Cordell have a one-night stand, which turns out to be a mistake. What Aidan doesn't know (but because of the rumor mills the rest of the company does), is that Rae is now pregnant. Aidan, being Rae's boss, gives her a "promotion" soon after their one night together, and sends her off to live in Pittsburgh, very far from their Seattle headquarters. Rae figures that he was only trying to get rid of her. She fails to let him know about the pregnancy because she assumes by now someone in the company has already told him, plus if he were really doing his job, he would have checked on her by now. All she can think about is moving on with her life, once she's had the baby and gives it up for adoption.

    When Aidan shows up at his friend Harrison's vacated home for a long-needed vacation, he is surprised to find Rae is in the kitchen, who is in the house also for a long needed vacation. Saying that Aidan is in shock to see she is pregnant is an understatement. Rae is one angry woman, convinced that she does not want this baby and neither does Aidan. Rae had always focused on her career, and with a baby in the picture it would ruin things. She also does not want to be the mother her own mother was, and is afraid she'd make the same mistakes. Becoming the mother of this unborn baby, in her opinion, would ruin her life and the life of this unborn child.

    Aidan is confused about the whole situation, and he definitely does not want to be tied down. Neither does Rae. But as the two get to know one another and Rae bonds with Aidan's friends and family, she soon sees another side of the baby issue. However, she does not want to raise a child alone, and is not happy that Aidan does not reciprocate the feelings she has for him. He doesn't know it, but she's been in love with him for quite some time, and the one-night stand meant a lot more to her than it apparently did to him.

    A BABY BETWEEN THEM by C.J. Carmichael is a story about two people who never planned a life together, let alone having a baby together. But circumstances throw them together, as well as friends and family members help them to see a different side of each other. The reader will enjoy the relationship Rae has with midwife Annie, a strong woman whose love of people and understanding of babies comes into Rae's life at the right time. Annie helps Rae see a different side to having a baby and guides Rae as she approaches the date of the birth of her baby.

    One will also enjoy getting to know the other characters that touch the lives of Aidan and his family and friends. Aidan's growing-up years involved a group of friends whose lives change for the worst when Simone, a very vivacious and talented young woman, enters their fold. She is the reason some of their lives reach a tragic ending, and Aidan feels anger toward this woman even after her untimely death.

    The inclusion of a young boy, Tyler, creates another mix to the already engaging story. Rae's feelings for this young boy, who seems to be abused emotionally and physically, help her to comprehend her own feelings for her unborn child. The subplot that revolves around Tyler is as entertaining as the rest of the novel.

    There are other various relationships that are interwoven into the story, all of them very absorbing to read. A BABY BETWEEN THEM by C.J. Carmichael is actually the second book in a trilogy (the first book was a Signature Select book), and this reviewer looks forward to reading the third book in the series. The characters stand out as entertaining and intriguing people, each one with their own story that could be the focus of a book. A BABY BETWEEN THEM is Aidan's story, and a lot of the novel does have Aidan reminiscing about his past with this group of friends, helping the reader get into his head and to understand what makes him tick. This reviewer recommends A BABY BETWEEN THEM for the fascinating story and the characters that help make this story interesting.
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