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Thread: Vampire Books?

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    The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova is a REALLY good one.
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    Sunshine by Robin McKinley is the absolute best vampire book. I cannot recommend it enough.
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    Thanks everyone for your recommendations. I have a lot of books to look into!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PirateAndrea View Post
    Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. For sure an adult read though!
    I second The Black Dagger Brotherhood series! I have all the books (so far) and I love them!

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    I love all these recommendations! I'll be getting some of them myself I think!!!

    I love the original "Twilight" books by Maggie Shayne. Especially Born in Twilight, that one is my favorite. They are romance novels though so watch out for the steamy scenes! You can even get them on the kindle for super cheap, I think Born in Twilight is like $4.
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    Quote Originally Posted by villanelle View Post
    All the Anne Rice books from the series that includes Interview with a Vampire.
    I loved those.. they are really good to read.
    I read now the Sookie books, I know Im kinda late hahaha
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    Quote Originally Posted by airmanssweetie View Post
    Agree w/ this!

    Also if you're wanting a longer series, the Anita Blake series is good. I havent read ALL of them but i have a TON of them and had started reading them around the time I had Bella. I keep meaning to pick them back up

    If you can get past the VERY teen-y feel/speak, the house of night series is okay to read! I haven't read the newer ones yet. Um.. The Mortal Instruments was okay to read as well! Shade of Vampire is decent too. I'm reading those right now.

    Anita Blake series all the way!
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    Meg Cabot is has a vampire series out that is pretty good. I can't remember what the 1st book is called, but the 2nd book is called "overbite"
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    Quote Originally Posted by *Bazinga* View Post
    Anita Blake series all the way!
    I don't think ive really met anyone else who has read them

    Also i've heard the Vampire Academy books are good reads. I'm going to start on those soon. I just watched the movie so im interested now
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