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Thread: Game of thrones books?

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    Game of thrones books?

    So I love Game of Thrones and I've been thinking about downloading the books. Any input? Are they heavy? Hard to read? They have all 5 on amazon for $39.99. Should I try book 1 first before I get them all? Does the tv series follow the story line of the books closely?
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    The TV show follows the story pretty close. The characters are not perfectly accurate in the show, imo. The books are good but Martin can be a little long winded. They aren't fast reads, kwim?
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    They aren't fast reads because they are like 54398673450734763752023847 pages long

    But, saying that.... I HATE long books, but the Game of THrones books are now my favorite books. If you love the TV show you will definitely love the books!!!! I can't wait for the next one! I also never reread books, but I will be rereading these again for sure!
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    I read a lot, and I enjoy lots of different books and I love the tv show, but I just could not get into the books. I have no idea why. I would just buy the first one, or maybe get it from the library, and if you get into it and like it, then buy the best from amazon.
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    I love the books . GET THEM ALL!!!

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    I haven't seen the show, but I've finished the first book and am working on the second. The books give so much detail, that (from what I hear) can be left out in the shows.

    The first book was a slight challenge to get into because I was new to the characters, so I had to re-read a lot of pages just to grasp who was who. But since you've seen the show, it may be more familiar to you. Regardless, I think you should read the books.
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    Book three or four (can't for the life of me remember for sure which) was a real struggle for me to get through - it was just NOT at all like the books before it, but was important to read for the next one to make sense and the next one was definitely worth getting through the slow one.....

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