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Thread: **Book Recommendations**

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    Thumbs Up **Book Recommendations**

    Read any good books lately? Recommend them here!!

    Book Title:
    Plot (no spoilers!)

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    Book Title: Safe Haven

    Author: Nicholas Sparks

    Plot (no spoilers!) I'm not the best at this, but I'll try. A woman moves to a new town and starts her life over. Along the way, she falls in love, and heals herself as well. However, she has to face the demons in her past before she is fully able to move on.

    Review: I really enjoyed this book! As in, I could not put it down! I haven't read any of Sparks' books in awhile, and it was truly good. Not to mention, in the movie version, it has Josh Duhmel in it. The book is $3.99 right now on iTunes, and I believe in the Amazon Kindle store as well.
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    Book Title: "Daughter of Smoke and Bone" and "Days of Blood and Starlight"
    Author: Laini Taylor
    Plot: I cannot do it. The official plot summary absolutely sucks, and was the reason I did not read the book for a long time. And I don't think I can do better than the author. I will say the world is vivid, and the story is beautifully written, and not cliche, even if it is a romance (or, actually, I don't even agree it is a romance; it is a love story, but romance, as a genre, is rather formulaic and it does not follow the formula; rather it is a book about love, war and choices). And I particularly respect the fact that in the second book of the series Laini totally breaks the expectations, says fuck you to the romance, and writes a book about hope, grief and forgiveness. And yes, love and war.

    It is a Romeo and Juliet story, if you wish, except they're combatants on the opposing sides of thousands of years of war. It is a book about love, loss, redemption, and consequences.
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    Title: You Know When The Men Are Gone

    Author: Siobhan Fallon

    Plot: Each chapter covers a new person who is involved in the US Army in one way or another. Each chapter has nothing to do with the last or the next, all while leaving cliff hangers. It goes over different struggles within the Army that Soldiers and their families face.

    Review: I loved it and hated it because each chapter left me wondering what would happen to the characters but overall it kept me very entertained, hooked, and emotional. Not the best book to read if you're having any issues with your SO because each chapter tends to have an issue that is left unsolved and some may hit close to home.
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    Anyone have any recommendations for a good nonfiction book?
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    Quote Originally Posted by AdaraMarie View Post
    Anyone have any recommendations for a good nonfiction book?
    Don't Tell Mum I Work On The Rigs...She Thinks I'm A Piano-Player In A Whorehouse by Paul Carter.

    A memoir of some of the weirder parts of life working fly-in/fly-out shifts for an oil company. I found this book really, seriously funny.
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    Title: Behind Her Eyes
    Author: Sarah Pinborough

    Plot: Louise is a single mom, a secretary, stuck in a modern-day rut. On a rare night out, she meets a man in a bar and sparks fly. Though he leaves after they kiss, she’s thrilled she finally connected with someone.
    When Louise arrives at work on Monday, she meets her new boss, David. The man from the bar. The very married man from the bar…who says the kiss was a terrible mistake but who still can’t keep his eyes off Louise.
    And then Louise bumps into Adele, who’s new to town and in need of a friend, but she also just happens to be married to David. David and Adele look like the picture-perfect husband and wife, but then why is David so controlling, and why is Adele so scared of him?
    As Louise is drawn into David and Adele’s orbit, she uncovers more puzzling questions than answers. The only thing that is crystal clear is that something in this marriage is very, very wrong, but Louise can’t guess how wrong―and how far a person might go to protect their marriage’s secrets.

    Review: I was NOT ready for this book! I read it in less than 24 hours because I could not put it down. The story switches back and forth between the perspectives of Adele and Louise with snippets of "Then" slid in here and there to give you information about the past. I never saw the end coming and the book kept me guessing until the very last chapter which doesn't happen often. I am very likely going to re-read this book just to catch the stuff that I didn't catch the first time around now that I know the ending.

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    Book Title: A Court of Thorns and Roses
    Author: Sarah J. Maas
    Plot (no spoilers!) Basically it's beauty and the beast meets something like divergent? Girl (with a bow and arrow) kills someone from a different area (across a wall) and has to go with their people, the book mostly covers what happens there, and how it all turns out.
    Review: It's a young adult book, and an easy read, but it was really good, I didn't expect it to be as good as it was.

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